Safeguarding Children & Internet

One day Course: 10am – 3.30pm


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Course Description

This one day course will help you and your staff develop awareness of the most current safeguarding issues faced by children and young people who access the internet through a variety of mediums including computers, mobile phones and gaming.


You will learn about safeguarding issues relating to gaming, social networking, cyber bullying and accessing inappropriate material. You will also learn how to develop effective policies and procedures to increase the resilience of children and young people in your organisation.
Children are now born into a digital world, growing up surrounded by and immersed in the technology and tools of the digital age. Children’s access to technology has increased phenomenally in recent years: ICT is embedded in reception classrooms and is a constant and prevalent feature of school life; home access is on the increase, while connectivity from public locations such as libraries and youth clubs is now commonplace.
Equally, the convergence of technologies and decreasing costs of ownership mean that, with access to a whole range of online services from mobile phones to games consoles and similar devices, children are no longer restricted to accessing the internet from a fixed location.
While it is clear that technology offers children unprecedented opportunities to learn, communicate, create, discover and be entertained in a virtual environment, there are some inherent risks. And while most children’s confidence and competence in using the technologies is high, their knowledge and understanding of the risks may be low.
Children need guidance in developing their own set of responsible behaviours to keep them safe when online, but equally they should know that, if things go wrong, they may seek help and support from any trusted adult. 


You should already have received basic awareness training in child protection.
By the end of the course you should be able to:
  • Identify the current safeguarding issues in using new technologies
  • Recognise the indicators of abuse for children and young people who access the internet
  • State the relevant legislation and guidance in relation to safeguarding and new technologies
  • Recognise the importance of developing resilience of children and young people who access the internet
  • Evaluate the main tenets of your organisation's e-safety/acceptable use policy
  • Establish effective practical safeguarding strategies for children and young people in their use of new technologies
  • Identify how to respond to and report safeguarding concerns related to the use of the internet.


Who is this course for?
Everyone whose work brings them into contact with children and young people. This includes employees and volunteers.
How will I be taught? 
Through face-to-face learning from experienced professionals.
A range of methods will be used to help to build up skills and knowledge and there will be opportunities to think about attitudes. Methods include formal input, large and small group discussions, working with case scenarios.
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