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Safeguarding & The Governing Body

New OFSTED Inspection framework edition! Safeguarding is still very much part of the new framework and as important as it was before.

Are your Governors or Management committee ready for OFSTED in respect of Safeguarding and Child Protection? Is your governors training kept up to date and refreshed for new governors or members of the board?

This Online Course will help your setting achieve an outstanding grading for the Safeguarding element at your next inspection. This is suitable for EYFS, Primary and Secondary Settings.

To achieve outstanding for the Safeguarding aspect of an OFSTED inspection every member of your governors and management committees must be aware and on board with the Safeguarding Policy and practices in your setting. They must have a clear understanding of their duties, roles and responsibilities. Therefore it is vital that all governors and management committees receive high quality training so that they know what to say and do during an inspection.

Safeguarding is no longer a limiting judgement however it is likely that if your Safeguarding does not meet statutory requirements then your grading for Leadership and Management will be judged as inadequate. If Leadership and Management are inadequate it is likely that the school will be judges as inadequate. Getting safeguarding right is as important as ever!

Child Protection and Safeguarding are here to stay with the new OFSTED framework.

This Course will cover:

  Why Safeguarding? Where did the agenda come from?

  What is Safeguarding?

  Safer Recruitment – Legal Framework

  Child Protection – Why is it so important?

  Governors/Management Groups – Roles and Responsibilities

  Safeguarding and OFSTED

  Defining and Recognising Abuse

  Child Protection Procedures

  Designated Person – Roles and Responsibilities

  Chair of Governors – Roles and Responsibilities

  By the end of training participants will:

Understand governors/Management Committees roles and responsibilities.

Be able to support the Headteacher or Manager to fulfil their Safeguarding Responsibilities.

Develop an understanding of Child Protection and Safeguarding.



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