Sexual Exploitation & Grooming

Sexual Exploitation & Grooming 
One Day Course 10am - 2.30pm
This one-day course promotes the responsibility of each member of staff or governor to be alert to the warning signs of sexual exploitation and grooming and take appropriate action.
Sexual Exploitation of children gained prominence in 2012 due to the conviction of nine men in Greater Manchester who exploited and abused a significant number of girls, some as young as 13. Sexual Exploitation is not a new phenomenon
Sexual exploitation is a form of abuse whereby children are deliberately persuaded to enter into situations where they receive something in exchange for sexual activity. Most victims are female, though there is thought to be considerable underreporting by male victims, who may be confused about their sexuality and be unwilling to draw attention to themselves. Most perpetrators are male, though women may also be involved. Victims tend to be in the 13 to 15 age range, but some are still in primary school and 16 and 17 year olds can also be exploited.
Victims and perpetrators are not confined to any particular ethnic or socio-economic group. Children who are already vulnerable, due to abuse or neglect or other adverse personal circumstances, are at greater risk of exploitation as they are more susceptible to approaches by perpetrators who appear to be offering friendship and support. 
Aims and Objectives 
This training session is designed to help staff and governors to:

  • develop a basic awareness of sexual exploitation
  • identify key warning signs
  • understand the grooming process 
  • know what to do if sexual exploitation or grooming is suspected.
Who is the course for?

The course lends itself to delivery to a diverse group, representative of many roles found in schools such as teaching and non teaching staff, senior leaders, meal time assistants, secretarial staff, business manager, caretaker and catering staff.
We also run this course as an online course - click here - for full online course details
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